Nice to be home

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Back from wales and had a fab weekend! we got to daddy s friends house about 10.30am and got settled in while we decided what we were going to do then daddy arranged with auntie Carla that we would all meet up with her and my cousins and go for lunch and had fun, it was really nice seeing auntie Carla as i haven’t seen her since she got married and i was only really small.

Later that afternoon we headed back to daddy’s friends to get ready for the evening fireworks and apart from a couple of really loud screaming ones i enjoyed watching all those pretty colours, its just a shame im too young to play with sparklers just yet but daddy made up for being a kid.

Both nights while i was away i slept really well considering i was in a different place and i even had some extra sleeps during the day, mummy was really shocked at how much i was sleeping but i guess i must still have a lot to catch up on after giving mummy and daddy a hard time for a couple of weeks but ive been doing well the last couple of weeks and all is back to normal in the sleeping routine side of things and mummy doesn’t look like a zombie anymore.

On our way home we got to pop in and see auntie Carla again and got to have a few more cuddles from her and also daddy went to go and pay his respects to great grandad frank and great nanna fisher then it was time to hit the road, daddy is trying to upload Octobers pictures but having a couple of technical issues and he needs to goto work early so as soon as he puts the up i’ll get him to let you all know. xxx

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