Nice to be home

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Been home a couple of days now and its always nice to be back in my own cot and play with my toys. Massive thank you to nanny & grandad owen for having me for 4 nights, i bet they were glad to have a good nights sleep after i left lol although i do sleep really well i still have my moments, I know nanny will definitely be missing me but what a mad few days it was and for me to start walking while i was over there just made it even more special.

Mummy and daddy are now trying to get me to take a few steps every day at least until my packet of wotsits run out, little and often and who know i should be running around ready for uncle stuart and auntie amandas wedding in Cyprus especially now i have broken the seal and made them first few steps. will try and put some more videos up in a few days to show people how im doing