April 2017

Nice day for a drive

Weather is starting to pick up and that can only mean one thing and thats me getting out and about more often and when daddy is home he like to make sure we go and do something even if its only something small and with my birthday only round the corner we are saving our selfs for peppa pig world.

Daddy went out last night to uncle stuarts house and left the mummy car over there so daddy decided we could kill 2 birds with one stone and we all went to go and get it this morning and i got to go in my car which nanny and grandad owen bought me and poor mummy and daddy had to walk haha but we all got to spend some family time together and i got to go in my car and then get to play with liam for a while befor we had to come back home.

after afternoon knap daddy said we could goto the park for an hour so managed to get cousin liam to meet us down there and we had a right old blast playing on the slides and running around chasing each other and then we took it in turns throwing the ball for max.