Next Level Sound

crying baby1

Been pushing the boundaries this last week and get annoyed at every little thing i cant do which then brings the screams on which then results in full blown crying and screaming, god knows what the next door neighbours must think some days but i cant help it im a women and when i need to vent i vent and the whole world is going to know about it lol mum and dad are hoping that there usual tactic of consistency will pay off in the long run but great auntie dororthy  just laughs when dad talks about how im being.

Went to Nanny and Grandads the other night for a mid week sleep over as nanny misses having her partner in crime staying and the way ive been lately i give her company when i dont sleep properly and normally i do sleep when go over but this time was a big no no! up a few times during the night and even got into bed in the morning with them and went back to sleep. Nanny is hoping that before i go away for 5 weeks and be away for her birthday that i can go and spend some more time with her prior to getting on that big bird in the sky, daddy said i can go now and get dropped off at the airport but mum said not to be so mean, i know dad loves me really i just like playing him and eveyone else up most days and show them how loud i can scream and how much fun it is when i can hit a new high one xxxx

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