next holiday almost booked

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another weekend almost over with daddy and we’ve been here there and everywhere from merry hill shops all the way on a train to Birmingham to get daddy’s dress ready for uncle Stuarts and auntie Amanda’s wedding today which was a really fun day out and friday i even thought i’d help mummy pull some washing down from the big plastic stand which i thought was a really good game, she would put clothes on there and i would pull them off which was good fun or at least i thought it was lol.

since┬ánanny owen has deserted me on saturday nights ive started hitting the comfort food, chilling on the sofa just pigging out on crisps while watching endless episodes of peppa pig, its a good job i always rob daddy’s smoothies when he has one as that should balance the junk i eat and ive got my ball pit from over nanny and grandad owens house while they get it refurbished so im getting plenty of use being active in there and hopefully nanny will come back soon with nanny nights so the pigging out can stop.

Found out today that daddy is looking to book our next big adventure in 2016 which seems ages away but this time i’ll get to fly for ages and ages on an even bigger plane and get to see great auntie dorothy and great uncle tom in america for 2 weeks ­čÖé by then i should be well traveled after trips to france as often as we can and a litlle longer flight to cyprus plus road trips to blackpool, wales and scotland i certainly am getting around and i wont even be 2 years old how cool is that!