September 2014

News From Big Daddy!

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Well normal service has been resumed in the Taylor household after a weekend away to Blackpool and having to leave Leah at her Nanny and Grandad Owens and as much as it was really nice still being able to see her on the web cam it was for me this time really strange as well after coming back on Sunday night driving almost past her on our way home and not going in to see her but as we didn’t get back until 8pm it wasn’t fair to disturb her sleep pattern which men’t ┬ánot seeing her until yesterday and being unable to set the live feed back up until today so live feed will or should continue if its been set up right from tonight on wards.

Saturday morning Leah and Nanny went to Great Bridge and bought Grandad his Saturday seafood then in the afternoon Leah’s Great Auntie Sharon and Great uncle Paul came over to visit then just after they left a few other people popped in as well, Sunday was just a chill out day for everyone with a few others popping in and Leah spending the some more quality time with her Nan and Grandad.

All of August’s photos have been uploaded now and are ready to view in the photo gallery and the first couple of pictures are of Leah this morning, 1 trying to help me open my presents and the other one just chilling watching pepper pig. Whilst it was really nice getting away for a few days there’s nothing more that i could of wished for than to wake up with my 2 girls on my birthday, looking forward to the day she’s old enough to come running in and annoy me to death first thing of a morning.