New swing new blanket

new toy IMG-20140430-WA0000


another day over nanny’s and grandad owens house as daddy is in work 6 days a week so mummy likes to go over nearly every other day to get us both out the house so we ended up having a trip to Great Bridge so nanny and grandad could open up a savings account for me but just like daddy is finding it hard to do so will go back down another day. Nanny owen also knitted me my own personal blanket with my name on it and also bought me a swing to stay at hers for when i come to visit. she did take a video of me on it so head over to the video section to see a small clip of me in my new swing.


If anyone wants there own personal blanket made or just a normal one please see get in contact, daddy will put some pics of all the other blankets she has done up over the weekend when he sorts the other pictures out.