April 2019

New addition to the family

Well the easter bunny is almost upon us and i have broken up from school for 2 weeks which means no more swimming for a little bit but mum and dad have paid for another 22 lessons (2 per week for 11 weeks) so i should be amazing by then although mum and dad are already proud of how much i enjoy swimming and im excited to get my first certificate but boy am i like a tonrnado in the water theres no stopping me!

Something else has also happend last week which for those who know what mummy and daddy are doing well its finnaly happened, we have a new addition  to the family household and he comes by the name of Joseph who is 6yrs old and we are currently getting along like a house on fire and im adjusting to things having to change slightly for instance my bedtime routine has changed a little and i no longer get cuddles in the mummy and daddy bed while watching TV for a little bit before going to my own bed for stories instead we have 20mins chill time down stairs followed by PJ’s, Teeth and stories downstairs and then we get tucked in upstairs for the night.

In the morning we are not ment to wake mummy or daddy till 7am but now me and jospeh get to sneek between each others rooms and attempt to be quiet but we never are lol then 7am comes and its time to wake either mum or dad or both up and pretend that we have been angels.

Before i broke up from school we had an easter bonnet parade/ asembly and nanny bobblehead (Gina) made me my amazing hat and of course for those who know me can imagine how much i loved it and wore it with pride when i was allowed at school, who knew nanny had such creative skills.