Nanny O and Nanny G

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Been having the best of both worlds lately with the arrival last week of Nanny broadfield from france and also nanny owen from costa del tipton ive been getting to spend quality time with my two best nannys and its been really great, as much as i see nanny broadfield alot on the kindle via skype its just not the same.

Auntie Amanda’s party went amazin and got to see my great auntie Louis and her husband and daughter Jenna for a little while at least but me not being 100% i had to cut the party short and nanny owen took me back home in a taxi so mummy and daddy could have some time out and enjoy them selfs.

This week ive been spending some time not only with my 2 nanny’s but also getting to go to soft play with cousin callum who is staying up here for the week so its been really nice getting to spend some quality time with him and have a play and hopefully now the next few days the weather should be better we should get some play time outside and get some more snaps