Mums out


dad hasnt had much time to sit and do blogs last week as mum ended up in hospital on tuesday morning which ment everything went into chaos as dad had things he needed to do on top of not knowing how long mum was going to stop in hospital with trying to get me sorted and visit mum in the evenings as well so nanny and grandad owen came to the rescue again and helped out with looking after me and i got to stay over there as well which is always a good thing. Good news is mummy is out now and its a waiting game to see if she has to go back for an operation so that ment normal services could resume this weekend and dad is slowly getting things back on track.

Because i have been really good last week nanny and grandad bought me tinky winky so i now have all 4 of them 🙂 not like im spoilt lol then i  went over to my aunite chels and charlie’s house and they bought me some new clothes and one of them was a dress from the film Brave which i loved although i kept tripping over it and then… i woke up this morning to find a giant chalk board and coloring board in my play room so although there has been a lot of chaos last week i think ive done ok out of it.

Mum and dad keep saying im looking sooo grown up lately, im saying dad-deee now soo clearly and mum-mee along with a few other words which is really good for me so who know i could be having a conversation with people before you know it.

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