April 2016

Moving Week


Dad has been a bit busy lately so the blog has slipped a bit what with not long coming back from holiday and then we are moving by the end of the week so im currently spending a couple of days over nanny;s house whilst checking in on the new house every now and then just so i can get a feel for things so this is probably going to be the last blog of April as the week continues to get busier and busier and then the internet is going to be switched of but hopefully it will all be worth it as im getting a bigger bedroom and at a better back garden which at some point will look amazing but for now we have to make do with what we have.

Mum has been busy sending and taking most of my things over there so already im loving it as i get a whole conservatory which is mainly going to be my playroom and dad is going to hook me up with a tv streaming Nick Jr or Cebeebies  or something so im happy as anything right now, its going to be a bit nuts to see how long its going to take me to settle in but hopefully it wont be that long, mum has some new stickers already picked out for the bed room and to top things of cousin liam is back this weekend as well and i haven’t seen him for ages!!! 8 weeks thats crazy but its going to be good 🙂

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