Moving up

The site is back up and running after dad had to move everything over to a new place which should make things a little smoother for a few years and now means he has to shake his behind and get things back up to scratch on the site as he hasn’t finished sorting out all my photos out as he needs to find a better way to store and show them.

Whilst dad still scratches his head and figures that out i can carry on creating stories for him to tell everyone about and this week is my first official visit into me moving up to what we call here Reception and it was sooo good to finally get back to some form of normality even if it was only for 2hrs today and near enough till the end of the week with next week being my first full week full time as they are just breaking us in gently. This time round i no longer have to wear blue and instead we wear read which i love as its almost like my favourite colour 🙂

On the weekend just gone we had daddy’s birthday and i got to open all his presents and cards lol and i did help very slightly make him our favourite carrot cake which meant i got to lick the vanilla frosting but i did have to wait for him to get back from work first then we had a chilled afternoon watching Mary Poppins and some cuddles .

Throughout the summer holidays i have kept in contact with one of my best friends from school and she has come over to play at my house a few times, i have been round hers and we even went to a girls party from school together at soft play.

The weekend before daddy’s birthday just me and daddy went up to Blackpool for a couple of days to see his best friend uncle dean and his daughter who i love playing with and i even stayed up late both nights we were there as we were having sooo much fun. We played in the arcades and went out for meals and had a fab night round his girlfriends house with her child charlie and played the Wii Golf all night before finishing the trip of to another soft play because they are my favourite places to go.