May 2016

Morning and Night


5 weeks later and although im sleeping through the night the actual process of getting me to sleep has become somewhat crazy for mum and dad as i know when they are about to put me to my bed and thats when i let rip with my screams and full blown paddy. Normally either mum or dad take me to bed and we go and watch something in there bed for half an hour as im ment to be chilling out and generally settling down for bed but after each episode i get extra comfy in the hope i dont hear them words BED TIME NOW!

Mum and dad have done there usual trick and stuck to there guns so i know deep down im going to have to get used to it and i all fairness i have been getting better and better at bed time lately but just as one problem starts to solve it self another one crops up and this time im getting up with the birds and thats from about 0530am which mum and dad are not that impressed to see me and the last few days have started putting me back in my bed until my clock wakes up with a yellow sunny face again and needless to say i dont like that idea so world war 3 kicks off again.

most mornings at least 6-7 days a week dad has been disappearing and i really dont like this and today i even tried shouting his name through the letter box but still nothing, he does eventually come back but since dad has been home for weeks and weeks now i have gotten used to having him around, and seeing my nanny owen also makes me smile 🙂 i am really loved oh and still loving my play room lol xx

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