More fun at the park

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Just been chilling the last few days as the weather hasnt been all that great but yesterday morning it was really really nice but before playtime me and daddy had to pop to the hospital so daddy could go and have some blood tests done, after all the walking we did to get to the hospital we found out that it wasnt open until lunch time so back to the car and off to pick mummy we went.

Mummy goes to get an old lady up every morning and she lives next to a park which ive been to a couple of times now and im really getting the hang of this playing in a park thing, i can now get up the step to the climbing frame and walk all around it and im even getting really really brave at going down slides on my own. Daddy’s off for a few days now so we can try and get everything ready for our holidays to sunny Cyprus so we’re off to merry hill today 🙂