April 2017

Mission Complete

Its been just over a week now with my new rewards chart and things are going really strong and after having the challenge of eating the tomato pasta shapes ive absolutely smashed it and now i love them so go me!!! now as my reward im waiting for Chase from Paw Patrol to bring me my reward which is going to be soooo cool i really cant wait and keep asking where he is but he hasnt shown up yet 🙁

As well as just eating my pasta shapes i have been eating my breakfast almost every day, there might have been one day i didnt but then that means i dont get my tablet all day so im slowly learning that lesson and mum and dad really do stick to what they say, ive also been tidying up my toys alot more which means i got my magazine so things have gone really well and get to start another week of rewards.

Mum and dad are going to leave having a big reward this week as toys need to be ordered and then apparently we are going to start on veg and if i eat veg every day i will get a new toy that goes with the paw patrol safari toy every day once ive eaten my veg so that seems like a good idea to me.

Friday this week was a really good day, otherwise known now as Family friday which ment me and mummy spent the whole day together having lots of fun and playing games and baking cakes just the two of us and then when daddy came home we had family night and i slept in the mummy and daddy bed and we had pink ice cream and watched a film and had cuddles all night long 🙂 🙂