miss dadd

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Its been a funny week so far but i guess on one side its been good and the other its been bad and some of that is down to dad not being here so much as he’s been doing some extra hours at work and when we went to playgroup on tuesday he disappeared and then came back to give mummy house keys then went again and i didn’t like that what so ever so i decided to scream the place down and not stop so mum ended up taking me home which i started to calm down eventually but then went up stairs looking for dad and realized he wasn’t there either so continued to scream again. after a while mum finally got me settled and in the afternoon spent it with nanny and grandad broadfield and mummy up brierley hill where i got to splash around in muddy puddles which is always great fun

Wednesday was kinda the same but not as bad where dad went to work early again and i just want really myself again all day even though we went out and about in the afternoon visiting folk such as auntie chel & Charly and nanny and grandad broafield then over to nanny and grandad owens house in the late afternoon, when we finally got home i was really unsettled and mum knew she would be in for a fun night which i ended up being up most of the night but this time not because of being ill just having a really bad night and eventually we all got up about 8am.

Got to see more of dad today though as he didnt goto work till 12.45pm  then it was time for me 2 play nannys and grandad brodfield up as it took a while for me to got to sleep for my afternoon nap and eventually got up at 3pm but because i had a late sleep i stayed up until dad got home and managed to have an hour fun time with him 🙂 🙂 now time for some well deserved sleep and hopefully i’ll stay in bed tonight xxx