Mike & Diesel


Another fab weekend over with and getting ever closer to the big plane ride on sunday, spent the day over nanny and grandad’s house on saturday where i now know how to pretend to sneeze so every now and then i will start making the sneezing noise just because i can and also ‘UH OH’ is another favourite at the moment as well. Sunday was a really tiring day as daddy decided that seems the weather was half decent that we would go for another one of his mad walks, the ones where he thinks its a good idea at the time until he has to carry me for ages? yeah it was one of them.

Dad had decided to call his friend Mike who has a blue staffy dog called diesel who  ive know since i was born and we decided to head out of town so i could have a knap in the car and when i woke up we had gone to Wyre forest  which has a few different walking trails ranging from a short walk to a really long walk and there is so many different ways to go and when we first got there i was all excited for being out doors and i was off like a shot, running around and generally loving it but i think i found the shortest route as we ended up back at the start really quickly in under an hour and that was after me playing in the park as well so dad thought we better go round again and go for a little longer walk.

After the first 500 yards i loved it but then soon got bored and didn’t want to walk anymore so the arms went up and dad was there to carry me…all the rest of what was probably about 3.5 miles and poor dad he was struggling as he didn’t take a pram and mike tried carrying me but i was having none of it so he had no choice, struggling to the end he got me back to the car where it was time for a nice relaxing drive to the pub! I think dad deserved it lol

Arriving at the Forge pub there was a small park area out there which i tried to play on but it started getting really cold so we went in doors where i could have some food and munched on a bowl of chips before it was time to head to the next pub the portway and i loved it in there as there were a couple of other kids there who had paw patrol toys and we just ran around causing mayhem but its was ok as i was running around with the bar man kid lol.  After the nice day out with mike and the dog and dad it was time for us to go home and wake mummy up ready for her to start work and for me to get my dinner and bath befor bed which by the end of all that walking i was shattered.

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