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Merry Christmas everyone!!! My first Crimbo ever and what a day it has been opening all those presents and eating food and playing with everything, it has been an very busy and tiring day for me and now i am cream crackerjack.

The day started off just me, mummy and daddy with special guest appearance streaming live via skype was nanny and grandad broadfield watching and enjoying my first crimbo and as the morning went on nanny and grandad owen turned up and i had more pressents to open and i just didnt know what to do with myself but i loved every minute of it. Dinner was to follow with nanny owen mashing me up mine and after all that i was shattered and me and mummy had a cheeky sleep on the sofa after nanny and grandad owen went home and daddy had a sneeky 10 minutes as well.

After our knap we popped over to one of daddy’s friends house ¬†for an hour by which point the day was getting on and it wasnt far off me ¬†going to bed but not before squeezing a quick skype call in to my great aunt and uncle in USA and then it was off to bed for me.

I hope everyone has had a fab Christmas and its going to be interesting looking back on the pictures in years to come. Merry Christmas guys xxx

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