Me and my daddy

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Owell Folks another weighing complete on Thursday i was 10lb 15.5oz i am now a massive 16lb 10oz which is 7.3kgs and all daddy wants is for me to reach 9kg so he can get me a new car seat daddy likes to buy me lots of new things. The rest of thursday was spent at nannys where mommy and nanny owen took me shopping to asda as normal but i did get some more clothes.

Today mommy had to go into work again and this time i got to spend all morning with daddy after keeping both mommy and daddy up most of the night again i thought i best be good for daddy as its our first daddy morning with lots more to come so i had to break him in gently. We spent most the morning in our pjs where we played with my toys and watched cartoons but all good things come to an end and daddy had to go and get dressed for work. Daddy had the fun job of getting us both done and out the house ready for the afternoon with nanny and grandad owen where i got to play on the floor and i keep trying to crawl but i end up going backwards and get really frustrated with myself and throw a temper tantrum (mummy says this is daddy in me god help me!). So after another day spent away from mommy i got to go home early has nanny had to go and see auntie chelsea for a candle party i thought playing with me was better but obviously not as loved anymore! (only joking nanny).

Lets see what adventures are instore for the weekend as need my bed now gotta be up early in the morning!

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