Me and Mummy week

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Hey folks sorry there has been no blogs all week but without daddy around to do this for now then we can have no blogs. Daddy has been working almost 14hr days this week and clocked up 22hrs over time in preparation for scotland next friday night so we have some spending money, bless daddy has been shattered so all this week has mainly been me and mummy and daddy has been getting home when i goto bed and going to work when im still asleep so really havent seen much of him.

Monday was a rush back from blackpool so daddy could get to work for training then tuesday was just food shopping then daddy went to work for 12 til 10pm and me and mummy spent the afternoon together, wednesday daddy was in work for 7.45am till 10pm so me and mummy caught the bus over to see nanny and grandad owen and then was back before daddy got home then thursday was some shopping with auntie amanda and cousin liam and Friday me and mummy went back over to keep nanny company as grandad was going fishing so all in all its been a calm week ready for a mad week with the scottish family and i get to meet loads more of my family, i know grandad and grandma taylor are dying to meet me and hopefully with the long car journey through the night i should be bright eyed and full of smiles for them. ┬áRight well we’re off to see auntie amanda and cousin liam and then its swimming later on so tell you all about it tommorrow x