May 2014

May Bank Holiday Weekend

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Bank holiday weekend doesnt involve much as a baby just another day of eating, nappy changing and sleeping but i have tried to stay awake alot more as mummy has found out the last couple of nights. Saturday we finally managed to get the paperwork rolling on my new bank account and that should be done by Wednesday and then we dropped nanny home and then headed into Birmingham so daddy could have his massage done after helping mummy give birth to me and getting dragged over the birthing pool his back hasn’t been right since.

After Birmingham we heading back to nanny and grandad Owens to see auntie Chelsea and Elly so daddy could have a couple hours sleep after only having 2hrs sleep the night before and working long hours. when daddy got up we visited Sash and Tracy who got me a really nice outfit which im looking forward to wearing, after visiting was over it was time to go home and chill as we were all tired.

Sunday was shopping day so off to Tesco we went and after that it was over to nanny and grandads as Lee, Nick and Ruby was coming over as i haven’t seen them since the hospital and didn’t get to see Ruby as she was to young to visit. I was feeling tired today so i was sleeping on and off but when Ruby held me in her arms she started to sing to me twinkle twinkle little star and then she was going to sing 12 little monkeys but she said that was going to take to long and decided to sing 3 little monkeys instead (head over to video section to see her sing to me). On the way home we all decided to pop to uncle Stuarts as auntie Amanda was in work till 11pm and daddy had a couple of drinks with him then it was home food and bed for us all.

Bank holiday Monday was a bit slow to start as we wasn’t sure what to do and for once i was wide awake as mummy found out from being up since 3am and i really did’t want to go back to sleep so come 8am daddy got up and took me on his own round the corner to auntie Amanda and uncle Stuarts ( good job i didn’t poop in my nappy!) after returning home we decided to go and see Michelle and Gareth as they hadn’t made it round to see me then in the afternoon we went over Himley Park with auntie Amanda and uncle Stuart, cousin Liam and max the dog where we had a lovely stroll around  and still i was wide awake and took everything in, mummy and daddy where really shocked at how long i had been awake for today, apart from the  odd power knap for 10mins in a car ride i think i done really well.