Massive Achievement

This week has been a big change for me, well the last few days anyway as mummy and daddy have decided to introduce a rewards chart for me and up for grabs is a pretty cool toy that i have wanted for a while and there is no stopping me getting it. everyone that knows me knows that i am the fussiest eater ever and if i dont want to try something then all hell will break loose when someone trys to put it anywhere near my mouth but when there is a Paw Patrol Safari toy up for sale there is nothing that wont stop me from getting it and in order for me to get it i have to eat Hello Kitty Pasta Shapes in Tomato Sauce and other varieties such as thomas and minions and peppa over 5 days, GAME ON!

The first day was a bit hit and miss to start with but eventually got there and had two big spoon fulls in a bowl and ate the lot up, GO ME! and then after such a massive achievement and maybe even a milestone for me i got offered some more encouragement to continue with this mission. Not only will i now get the Paw Patrol Safari toy once i have eaten the pasta shapes for 5 days but its going to be personaly delivered by one of the Paw Patrol characters themselves Chase OMG!! now there is going to be no stopping me and day 2 has been smashed and another sticker added to my chart.

Also mum and dad have stopped all magazines being bought for me and i now have to earn them as well by doing more tidying up as i am quite messy and can trash peoples houses quite good, i also no longer get my tablet every day unless i eat all my breakfast up and failed on the first day but today was a good day so let the singing begin lol.