Lurgy Update

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Well its been a rough January but things are very slowly getting back to normal although im not quite out of the woods yet but compared to what i have been im doing good. Last time i was weighed i had lost 12ozs in 6 days and thats never good but lately my bottles have slowly increased in oz’s and i can munch on a few things but still not eating like i used to do but the main thing is my fluids are on the up so im back to causing my daily mischief at home and at nanny and grandad owens.

Mum should be taking me to get weighed on wednesday for my monthly weigh-in so we shall see exactly how im doing then and hopefully i’ve managed to pull a few ozs back by then and hopefully within the next week after i get rid of this pesky cough i can start getting my throat back and start eating again, as for January 2015 so far i hate you lol but there is plenty of things to look forward to so for now goodbye January and hello February! 🙂