loving nursery


First couple of days at nursery went really well 🙂 mummy and nanny owen took me for the first day and stayed for a little while then it was just me on my tod but thats ok as i didn’t even notice them gone as i was just playing and having soo much fun. when mummy and nanny dropped me off they noticed all the other kids were in uniform which we wasn’t told about so mum and nanny went and got me my uniform ready for my second day. When i got picked up i was really happy to see mum and nanny and mummy even took me to burger king as a treat for being sooo good.

The second day it was just me and mum and she stayed for ten minutes but i knew she was gunna leave me and i wasn’t impressed with that and cried but after ten minutes i soon got distracted and was fine, when it was time for me to get picked up i got a surprise and it was mummy and grandad owen that picked me up and when i got back i found that i had a nice clean room and a new book shelf !

day 3 (friday) mum and nanny broadfield took me to nursery and had a little winge but i soon got used to it and carried on playing and even singing and dancing which the staff had told mummy that thats all i seem to want to do. to finish the week off my second cousin elora was born so it was all hands on deck and nanny and grandad brodfield disappeared to go and see the new addition.

The last few days hasn’t been great for me though as i have come down with something and that means that i have had to cancel nursery for a couple of days but fingers crossed all being well i should be returning to another 3 days of fun at nursery 🙂 🙂

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