Lots of soft play

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Been spoilt the last couple of days as i have been trying out a couple of new soft play areas which have been good but not as good as funky monkeys in west brom, still its always good to go wild in these places and the more i go the better im getting. I went to one on friday and it was only a pound to get in and a pound for some food, how cool is that so mum was well happy with that and as always she got to try a big slide out with me which i think she secretly loves lol

Saturday with dad being home we went for a drive near nanny owens to try another one out but this one wasn’t as good as the other ones and mum and dad even had to pay to get in but dad bit the bullet and paid and off i went again climbing and going down slides its always fun for me regardless just not that much stuff to do so after 45mins we all left and went to have a look at a local fair ground before heading over to go and play with cousin liam, me and dad had already been over to try and see cousin liam but he was in so 2nd time round he was there and now i can climb up the steps on liam’s slide and down i go, even though i can go on my own liam still likes to push me down the little rascal