Lost Weight

leahs weightMost people would be happy about loosing weight but for mummy and daddy they aint to happy that my weight isnt improving, after 2 months due to missing my last weigh  in because we went to Cyprus they thought i might of hit the 9kg mark by now but unfortunately that isnt so.

My last weigh in was 8.6kg and after having 3 months of increased weight there was hope for me but now i have dropped back to 8.46kg and the health visitor is involved but only at the request of mum and dad and there concerns for my eating, dont get me wrong i do eat and there are days that i dont stop but then there are days that mum can’t get anything down me so now for the next month a diary has to be kept so the health visitor can sit and look to see if there is anything going wrong but at the same time it  could just be down to teething so who knows?