May 2015

looking back at some vids

2015-05-08 16.20.13 2015-05-07 18.55.20 2015-05-07 18.19.17 2015-05-06 16.37.54

Not been feeling 100% the last few days and yesterday i think i got what ever was upsetting me out my system hopefully as i was sick 3 times! as the week has progressed i have been very cranky and gone off my food a little bit, enough for mum and dad to notice but after a visit to the docs just to make sure they said as long as im eating something and drinking then i just have to ride it out which fingers crossed i have and today i ate lots more for my breakfast and seem a lot happier in myself so lets see how we go.

Ive still been going out in the afternoon with mummy for a little walk and generally getting into things i shouldn’t be which always keeps mummy on her toes and nanny and grandad owen have been over as well to see me so despite not being 100% i do ok i reckon.

Dad has uploaded some old videos in the video section of me back a few months ago and will stick some on now and then as its always nice to look back when i was a baby baby, the first year went too quickly and there was alot captured xx