Long Long Day

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Had a Chilled weekend with dad as mum was in work all weekend through the nights and slept half the day so me and dad got to chill a little and after a few flutters of the eyes dad finally caved in and i got one of what was ment to be christmas presents as mummy hadn’t got round to wrapping it up yet so as the weather was so horrible and we couldn’t do much dad put it together and i did try helping but i kept on getting distracted by paw patrol which was on in the background.

Today seemed to be a really long long day as i was up about 0630am and for some reason woke up with loads of energy and i just wanted to play, mummy came home an hour later and went to bed and by 11.30am i was still going strong and nanny and grandad broadfield came over so as soon as they arrived that just hyped me up even more and mummy even got to go back to bed for an hour while i stayed with them. i did manage to sneak half hour knap in but apart from that i was going all out today.

Daddy finished work and came home for 2130pm and yep! i was waiting for him and boy did i give him a hugg, i just didn’t wanna let him out of my sight again and when he started to go up stairs for a bath i was right behind him which then ment mummy had to come and get me as i wanted to jump in the bath as well, by this point i was not a happy bunny and this bunny’s batteries were running on empty. We all then had 10 minutes cuddles in bed all 3 of us before mum finally put me to bed so i could recharge these batteries

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