little move around


The sleeping still hasn’t been going that great and mum and dad have tried lots of different things but still trying to keep things as close to what ive always been used to as possible such as bath, bedtime story and bed but moving my bed time forward to 6pm doesn’t make much of a difference as i was still waking up through the night, leaving smooth FM on the tablet all night didnt make a difference but then again i might not be a fan of it so who knows?? Next this they tried was last night i had a new duvet cover which is now a single 13.5tog duvet cover with new covers and a new pillow and on top of that daddy and uncle dean had a very small move around in my bedroom, my bed has been swapped around and my old changing table has now gone which has given me a tiny little bit more room but not much to see if that makes any difference.

Last night i went to bed about 8ish and mum read me a story whilst sneakily moving out of my bedroom  and it almost worked until one of my night light music toys stopped and i woke up so this time daddy put my baby monitor on that grandad and grandma taylor bought me and that music plays reasonably quiet and it stays on forever so mum braced herself and continued reading again and eventually managed to sneak out down stairs and thats where is stayed all night however i did wake up and mum was all ready to come into me when i just climbed out of my bedding and fell back to sleep so 1 good night i a while is a start and i woke up then about 0525am and got made to stay in my room until 6am.

This weekend we had daddy’s friend down who we call uncle dean down from Blackpool which this time was nice to see him and i actually got used to him being here and had a good laugh with him playing peek a boo and we also went with daddy to Ikea so mummy could sleep and boy did i run around like a crazed baby to the point i ended up in the trolley as it was mega mega busy and not really the place to be running around, sunday however i did goto soft play for an hour which was good.

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