March 2015

Lets Hope March is better

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Its the start of a new month and lets hope this one is better as the last couple of months have been a bit rubbish for me with weight loss and viral infections and teething etc but im already chewing loads so it looks like i might not get my wish and another tooth could be on the horizon.

Its not long now unitl my first birthday and what a crazy year its been and soo many memories to look back at which im sure daddy will put something together so we can all see how much ive grown and then just after my birthday i have nanny and grandad broadfield coming over from france to see me and although i see them all the time on skype and they can see how much of a big girl im getting its going to be crazy for them to see me in person so i cant wait.

This weekend just gone mummy had to work lots and lots so spent most of it with daddy and for the first time since ive been born daddy had the pleasure of putting me to bed which i thought i’ll be nice to him and be good, i went straight to sleep and not a peep which daddy was very very happy with.

I also got to go and spend some late christmas money down in Toys R us and got me a couple of new dolls and some peppa spoons, plate and bowl

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Also got to spend some quality time with Auntie amanda and cousin liam for an hour while daddy and uncle stuart went to the gym which was lots of fun and loved it, by the time daddy got me home i was shattered and cuddled up with daddy straight away and had to have me a power knap. On the plus side this week mummy is off work tomorrow (tuesday) so i think it will be me, mummy and daddy off to stay and play and hopefully i will enjoy it more now im feeling better.