Lets have it 2015!!!!

2015 new

Happy new year folks and what a great 2014 it was for me and Kirstie becoming proud parents to Leah. 2014 was full of many firsts for leah from her first smile to her first crawl forwards and i know there is going to be many more to come. It was also so lovely to hit the road and travel to see friends and family in Scotland, Wales, Blackpool and France and for them to meet leah in person so im excited to see what 2015 brings for us all and already we have a trip planned for Cyprus for the big grand wedding of Stuart and Amanda where that will be an amazing few days away.

Due to being in work till late New Years Eve me and kirstie and Leah spent it indoors with leah asleep of course and that gave me the opportunity to work on the web site and redesign it mostly because the other template wasn’t really compatible with other browsers so hay presto the re-design went live 1/1/15 and hopefully people like it, unfortunately i have had to tweek the photos more than i thought and thus has ment i have to re upload all the albums and thats probably going to take till the end of the weekend but now the main monthly photos will have a lightbox as well which is the box window that pops out when you click on a photo instead of the photo loading massive on your screen.

We have a new slider on the home page so i can change that often with other pictures, apparently videos and any other message that i want such as happy Easter etc. Hope you guys all have recovered now from new years and unfortunately its back to normal day life for another year and lets see what memories we can create!