Lazy days

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The last few days have once again gone down hill and poor dad has had to deal with little old me who on the outside may look all sweet and innocent but come the night time i change in to grump unhappy, cant sleep, wont sleep much baby and now we are on day 4 of this and dad looks done in bless him.

The last week i have had a slight cough which over the week has gotten worse and worse to the point that its keeping me up through the night so hence the last 3 days have been the worst of it and now i have a runny nose to top it all off but that’s ment to be a good thing by all accounts as mum says its finally starting to come out of me what ever it is. Dad did take me to the docs but they said everything was fine and looks like its just contained to my throat so its just the waiting game to see how long its going to be before it gets gone.

Both nanny’s and grandad’s have been about to keep the spirits going but at times i just dont wanna do anything and have just been lounging around with the occasional out burst of energy when the meds kick in, its a good job its winter and the weather out side is horrible but then on the down side i have missed Tuesday club round the school  and Friday club round at the church 🙁 hopefully after this weekend things might pick up and Tuesday club will resume.