June 2014

Latest Growth update

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Been to the doc’s today to get weighed and im now 10lbs 11ozs which is a slight dip on the line chart from last time but i have been irritated with a couple of teeth trying to cut through and the health nurse said that the heat we’ve had lately might not of helped but busted a few smiles at her and she was happy with me and said i looked healthy and happy so she has no concerns.

Not long now, daddy has only 2 more shifts at work before we hit the long road to scotland. it was grandad taylors birthday yesterday and i wasnt there to give him huggs and smiles so ive got some saved up for him when i get there, not sure how well im going to travel yet but seems its my bed time when i leave and i dont normally wake up till 5-6am i think i’ll just sleep most if not all of the way apart from a couple of stops for daddy to get some coffee and stretch his and our legs and then i should be all fresh ready to meet everyone.