October 2016

last few with nanny


its almost time for nanny broadfield to hit the skies and fly back to grandad broadfield which is a shame as i love having her around, we spend lots more time together now mummy and daddy have an extra bedroom which is really just nanny and grandad broadfields bedroom when they come and stay which is lots and its great :0

Its been my week of from nursery so its been like some serious girl power this week dt8m8ekjcwith little young me, big momma and the 2 nanny’s its been fab and what laughs we have been having, ive been spoilt rotten and we’ve been to various shops though the day and been to see more super women such as baby elora ellie and chel and charlie, West midlands watch out as we are taking over lol

Been having fun with grandad owen aswell, cant forget him and he always makes me chuckle and lets me sticker his face once in a while haha. gunna be a good few day as daddy should be off however he is thinking of working a couple of days to make up for us going to scotland and its the last few days with nanny B before she heads home.

Mum is going strong with instagram posts as well, she has put a couple of good ones up there however for some reason it doesnt tell people when she does so for now people will have to keep checking xx

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