Last but 1

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The countdown timer has almost ran out which means only one thing, its almost time for my longest flight to date, Cyprus!! mum has the bags almost packed and dad has finished work now for 10 days 🙂

The week has gone really quickly and the weather hasn’t been all that great to do a fat lot but on the plus side i did have some strange person get me out of bed this morning, im sure ive seen her somewhere before but i just cant remember… OH! its nanny owen 🙂 she stayed over last night and wow it seems like forever since she has and i got to stay up later and see daddy come home then he went and got chips so i had a late night munch on a sausage  and then i was up early this morning and nanny got me up and we had snuggles before everyone got up.

Might be able to squeeze 1 last blog of the weekend in before we set off on our sunny holidays where im sure daddy can post a couple of pics  of me chilling in the pool or something xxx