Just me and daddy

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Had a nice few days with just me and daddy whilst mummy went on a training course for her new job the last few days so daddy has been looking after me and getting used to my routine and fair play i think daddy has done a good job and im still alive lol.

Daddy has never been able to get me to sleep so when he has me on his own its normally in the pram we go and off up town which is what we did on Monday as daddy had to do a few bits and bobs but come Tuesday it was cold and wet and daddy had no choice but to try and cuddle me to sleep and hey presto we both had a nice hour sleep back in bed together enjoying cuddles which we dont normally have the Wednesday came along and daddy and i ended up have a sneeky half hour sleep and another 1hr sleep together so i think he may of cracked it, normally then once we get up its time to get ready and get dressed then pack my things to take over to nanny and grandads as they have been having me in the afternoon as mummy hasnt been getting home till 6pm.

Its been good spending time just me and dad and now he’s cracked it with my nap times he’s slowly becoming a pro at the dad game bless him. As mum is off today i think we are going to go down and have a go in soft play for an hour and see how i get on with that as i havent been for a while and as i like to climb everywhere at the moment it might just be fun.