Just Keep Blowing

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Currently life seems a whole lot better compared to last week so the anti bio tics  must be working, i’ve slept right though the last few nights and even slept in until 0730am this morning which shocked mum and dad so life can be all that bad apart from a runny nose that keeps running faster that peppa pig on skates going downhill but there is always someone close by with a wet wipe to do the wiping for me and if all else fails there’s my sleeve lol

Nanny broadfield is coming over from France again and we had great new that me battering my eye lids have finally worked! they have now decided that they wanna move back to the uk 🙂 🙂 and i think everyone is happy to  hear that news but mum has told them that they have to wait until we come over next year as we have the plane tickets already booked.

As well as me being on the mend and nanny coming over unfortunately without grandad broadfield my food is on the up and up so mum and dad are going to try and fatten me up ready for my next weigh in on wednesday as they think im going to have lost a little after this… whatever is was