Just For Dad


its that time of year and i get to show dadd how much i love him as its fathers dady!! this weekend i get to mostly spend it with him as mummy is in work saturday night and sunday night so afternoons will just be me and dad although yesterday was me and dad and his friend dan.

After we daddy and dan did there saturday 5k jog it was almost time for us to hit the road and go and get saturday shopping before mum had to goto bed for a few hours but by the time mum went to sleep was about the same time i had my afternoon knap which i dont think she was impressed when i woke up on the sofa in a bad mood and screamed the house down thus waking mum up as i just couldnt shift the crankiness. Eventually i did shift it and me dad and dan hit the road again to my usual park and had me an hour down there before we had to go and look for another park that had a pub attached to  so dad and dan could have a quick pint before we head home as time was ticking on and by the time we got home it was almost 6:30pm and dan left as he thought he had spent enough time with me and dad for one day.

My usual bed time experiance is still going excellent and mum and dad never really have a single scream out of me now and over the past few days i have slept really well through the nights too. i even stayed at nanny and grandad owens house the other night and on top of always having a great time there bed time was near enough pain free and again i slept in the back bedroom instead of the room that is ment for me but nanny and grandad dont care if im sleeping better in there.

today im not sure what me and dad are doing but either way spending time with my daddy is always fun and now he dosent have a job im going to get to spend even more time with him and there is also talk he might be comming to france with mum and nanny owen but wont know until monday 🙂

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