Jump around

My dream finally came true, every time i goto soft play centers and they have a trampoline there i dont get to jump around much on them as there is always bigger kids that come along and want to jump higher than me and cause me to go all wobbly and fall over so i have to quickly get off and wait which i hate as all i wanna do is bounce, bounce, bounce!! Mum and dad could see that i love trampolines and hopefully ive managed to get one for my birthday soon as the weather is getting better now which means i can hopefully have my very own but if that isnt good enough daddy had a day off last monday just gone and he surprised me by taking me to a trampoline park whihc is a building with loads and loads of trampolines and foam pits and WOW i was in heaven i didnt know what one to go on as there was a section for under 3’s and i think i was the only kid there which ment i could bounce till my hearts content and thats exactly what i did, mum even joined in and for almost an hour of my life we had an absolute blast.

To think my week couldn’t get any better, by best friend in the whole wide world got a year younger, NANNY GEORGINA!!! as i was in america last year i didnt get to spend her birthday with her so this year i went and satyed with nanny and we had lots of fun with people coming over and i got to play with my other friend Elly it was like a mini party and hopefully nanny loved having me there and i didnt trash her house too much lol, i even tried lemon cake but ewwwww i didn’t like it but hey i tried it

Also this week we had world book day and i got to dress up and goto school as a princess from the film Brave and then i came home and me and mummy had some quality time and ended up baking lots of cakes which i always end up eating the tops of the cakes but dont really eat the actually sponge, im strange but anyone who knows me knows that its just a leah thing haha