Ive been good

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Had an unexpected sleepover at nan and grandads owens Friday night as i was over there in the afternoon while mum got some sleep from working nights and then nan said i could stay so obviously dad agreed coz he could get a good lie in after me keep getting up before 6am but sods law is that i stayed over nans and ended up sleeping until 0730am, it must of been all the running around i was doing or something but even after the clocks going back this morning i still slept until 0645am for mum and dad which is extremely good for me although i did wake up at 0340am with my foot slightly stuck in the toddler bed.

Mum and dad are going to start rationing my juice now as nan and grandad think that maybe me getting up too early is down to the amount of juice somehow that im having so yesterday i was only having juice with my meals and seemed to sleep ok so we will see how the next few days goes but i have been drinking loads of juice only because when i wasnt eating much the doctors said as long as im hydrated then not too worry to much but now im slightly eating better i need to balance my food and drink out and not fill up too much on just drink.