Its time to start


So there has been a few occasions where daddy has forgot to put my bed time nappy on and in all honestly one time i did have an accident but im still young so who cares i can get away with it but… lately after daddy forgot my nappy i woke up dry and most mornings my nappy when i have it on has been dry so mum and dad have decided that the time is right and t0 start leaving my nappy off full time now as im a big girl now and not a baby.

Before i went to nanny’s house i had 2 nights of being dry and then because im not 100% ready to be trusted and normally end up with nanny and grandad in bed i had a nappy back on for 2 nights but nanny owen told daddy that i had been dry in the morning anyway and after returning back from nanny owens my first night back and guess what? NO ACCIDENT!! so lets see what the verdict is in a weeks time, ive no longer have nappies on during the day so lets nail the nights.

After spending the last 2 nights over nanny and grandad owens house its nice to be back home and sleep in my own bed although i always have fun over there and always trash the house and get to watch one of my favourite films right now Trolls over and over again and also sing and dance, i love it but i have nursery to come back to so the weekend is finally over 🙁