Its still the holidays

I have been enjoying my time off school and have been staying at nanny and grandad owens alot this week, well a couple of nights anyway as mummy has been working and daddy goes to work early but i dont care as i love it over nanny and grandad owens house!

last sunday night i stopped over nanny and grandad broadfields house and come monday afternoon it was over to nanny and grandad owens house to stay for 2 nights and one tuesday afternoon daddy came over to see me for a few hours then it was back home then for the rest of the week but thursday night nanny owen came and stayed at our house and we went over to the park for a little bit.

The weekend finally came and it was time for daddys friends wedding where i got to wear a pretty dress and it was probably the latest i have stayed up in a long time, i didnt get to bed till 11pm after dancing the night away and running around like crazy with the other kids at the wedding and it didnt take much rocking for me to get to sleep.

Daddy hasnt had much time recently to keep upto date with my blogging as he works strange hours and has been really tired but he has managed to catch up on all the photos from the last couple of months ( May, June & July) so if you haven’t looked at them go have a little look xxx