Its been quiet

Its been a couple of weeks by the looks of it since dad has done me a blog so whats been going on in the life of leah you may ask? well not much which is why dad hasn’t put much on here although i have been doing bits here and there daddy has been concentrating on being a taxi man and getting used to his new life.

Dad does now though take me to school a little bit more and pick me up more as well compared to what he used to do and i still get the odd pickup from nanny bob which always puts a smile on my face, im still waiting for grandad mickey to come and pick me up but he just sits in the car the silly na na!

Every few days i do enjoy baking cookies with either mummy or nanny bob and then as much as i like to share i normally end up eating almost most of them lol, me and mummy had a trip to the caravan for the afternoon with nanny bob and ended up playing with my play doh and running around like a crazy child and then we had to come back to go and do shopping with daddy.

Yesterday Uncle James came over to my house to see me and mum on his motorbike so he let me have a sit on it and rev the engine up really really loud and we went probably an amazing 2mph around the garden then we did drawings together which was really fun. Oh also i managed to paint my own PJ Masks figures with a little help from mummy and we lost one of there eyes but apart from that they turned out fab!

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