Its Been Fun

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After a really good couple of weeks over here nanny broadfield is flying back home today and we are off soon to the airport after we go get her but not for long as she coming back really really soon and this time with grandad broadfield as well and to make things even better they should be over here for a few months and more next time round if all goes well which is ace news, i have really enjoyed seeing her most days and things like going on a little walk to the chippy just me and her is good as well spending that quality time with her and soon i can do they same with grandad broadfield as well.

Stopped over nanny and grandad owens on thursday night and was really well behaved for them, kept leaving them with half eaten doughnuts but made up for it by sleeping till 0745am and i only woke up once in the night and grandad owen snuggled me back down and slept all night which after the last time i stayed and i wasn’t well i think they could have gone nuts but they loves me loads so a few smiles and i win lol.

After being really ill last month with teething and another viral infection mum and dad thought i was going to loose weight at my weigh in but i have stayed exactly the same from the month before which all things considered was great news as that’s got to be a good couple of months with no weight loss 🙂