2019May 2019

Its Been a while

Its been a busy time in the Leah household and ive been slowly adjusting to our new member of the house, he has settled in quite nicely and we are getting on like a house on fire and sometimes we get along a little to well as we can argue like brother and sister but on the whole as crazy as the last few weeks have been its kind  of been nice having a kinda brother to play with.

I will admit the first few weeks were very strange and i didnt get to go over nanny’s house for a couple of weeks so by the third week i was ready for some space and mummy left me with nanny just so i could have some me time.

Now the weather has been getting better its nice to get back out side and enjoy a bit of nature, sometimes that means getting my pink quad out and hitting the hills while dad walks the dog or even just have a walk with dad when i havent been good enough for my quad lol. we also tried a new outdoor play area (new to me that is) which had a massive space with various toys, climbing frames, little dens to play in and water and sand play areas it was great đŸ™‚

Dad has bought us both a reward chart so we can earn some stars for our weekly prize, last week was 30 stars for a trip to the fun fair which or course we smashed and this week is 35 stars for a trip to trampoline but at the moment 2 days in its not looking good.

hopefully dad will upload a couple of very short videos from me at school, one should be at my frist assembly where i had the first starting part so had to learn my lines and also a little video of me trying to count in 2’s.