Its A Double Birthday Celebration!!!


Its a double whammy today and what makes it even better is that its my Nanny Freida’s birthday and my mummys!!!! how cool is that and certainly one we wont forget.

Would like to say a massive massive happy birthday to Nanny Freida all the way in scotland we are all sending our wishes and hope grandad taylor spoils you loads and from my little self im sending you lots of huggs and smiles xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Next on the list is my mummy OMG! its about time the day is all about her and not about me as i seem to be and i know i’ll always be her number 1 priority now (sorry daddy you number 2 now) but she has done absolutely amazing looking after daddy since they met which i’ve been told is tough but to top it off she’s had me to look after which i know is all part and parcel of the job as a mummy its just nice for her to let her hair down and take time out for her to enjoy herself which ive been told daddy is going to make sure that happensĀ as she fully deserves a little break, not too much though as i’ll miss her.

Daddy has dropped the news to her today that im packing my bags (well mummy will be, there to heavy for me) and im off to nanny and grandad owens friday night and saturday night as daddy is still in work till friday night so he is going to take her out saturday night and she can fully unwind and relax child free so dont worry folks daddy is going to move the live cam over to nannys house and set it up there hopefully, i know its going to be hard for mummy to be away from me for that long but she knows im in safe hands or as safe as i can be with crazy nanny owen lol (loves ya nanny O)

Once again its HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! all round for two amazing women and hope you both have a fab day xxxxxxxxxxx