It gets better

As if visiting a trampoline park wasn’t the best thing ever i came home from school one day last week and noticed something strange in the garden poping up over the gate but didn’t quite know what it was and got rushed inside by nanny Georgina and mummy to have some lunch, after i finished my lunch dad for some reason came home and said to me that nanny and grandad owen had bought me an early birthday present to which i was straight away really excited and we started walking towards the back door and my eyes just lit up with joy as i now have my very own pink trampoline 🙂

of course by that point there was no stoping me getting on it and bouncing away and didn’t wanna get off for anything including having food and this continued most days, straight after school it was lunch and back on it and i even had cousin liam come over to have a bounce around on Thursday for an hour with uncle stuart which was ace! Even had daddy finish work early a few days last week so managed to get back to my roots and back down the park, at first i was a little nervous about climbing up the ropes as it seems like forever since ive last been down there but before you knew it i was up and down and climbing everywhere.

didn’t stay over nanny and grandads this weekend as dad was home but we still went over and spent some time with her otherwise nanny starts having leah withdrawal symptoms lol and then yestaerday we all went out for a nice family meal and i met another little  girl to play with while we were there so had a fab time in the end, not long now until im 3 and get even more presents, already been putting my list in which normally consists of everything i see on the TV