Is The Key


Dads been holding in there strong over the last few nights as just as i get really good at sleeping through the night and back on track BOOM!!! its all over. The last couple of nights from about Saturday night i have been waking up quite a lot through the night for no apparent reason, i have had a sore throat and a slight coff and runny nose as well as my teeth still giving me jip but there is times im not sure myself whats going on half the time in all fairness. ┬áSome mornings even after a really rough night im trying to get up from 0430am or 0530am and dad just shouts and tells me to get back to bed which when i hear dad’s loud voice i dont argue i just do it but carry on moaning until Mr.Sun comes up on my clock then its all systems go go go because i know i can get up.

My food lately is getting slightly better, im not allowed anything nice until i eat what mum and dad think is reasonable so if i dont eat my breakfast im having to wait until after i eat my lunch before i can have chocolates and biscuits which is what they have always tried to do but when i didnt really understand what they were trying to do it was pointless but they have stuck to doing the same thing with me from day dot and its only now im starting to understand i mean i have had my bum changed since the day i was born and even now i still dont like it but im not giving people so much of a hard time when they do change me.

Its been nice spending some quality time with dad the last couple of days while mum has been doing night shifts and sleeping in the day, we have had nice cuddles on the sofa for about 2.5hrs at a time and he’s even taking me to my old stomping ground at the park where im getting soo much better at climbing on the frame now and can even climb up the ropes all on my own so as long as its a good park i can normally entertain myself although its so much better when there is someone there to play with and when i do want someone to play with then i have my best cousin Liam to go and spend time with which is what i did yesterday and we are getting so much better playing together now we are getting older or should i say now im getting older.

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