In the arms of an angel


Its been a upside down couple of weeks for alot of people as a great women has left us, a women i’ve only got to meet a couple of times my Great Nanna Taylor from scotland 🙁 It was only a few weeks ago that we traveled to scotland to see her and celebrate her 90th and although im only small and maybe wont remember mum and dad will make sure i wont forget and will always remind me of what an amazing women she was and the legacy that she has left behind and with pictures and stories that many people will have to tell there is no chance that me forgetting will be an option.

Mum and dad took the long journey up north and was only going to be gone a couple of days and for that length of time in a car they thought it was best that this trip to scotland would be one that wasn’t suited for me so at the moment im over my other nanny’s (nanny and grandad owen) having some quality time with them but will be back home sunday to give mum and dad a hugg xxxx

Sweet Dreams Great Nanna Taylor xxxx