Im trying

Over the last couple of weeks mum and dad and nanny owen have been impressed with me as i have started to try a couple of different foods which for me is a big achievement as i hate trying new foods to the point i put up a wall and completely freak out but saying that i have tried at school a Jam sandwich but wasn’t impressed with that, Rice Krispies which i actually like, mini waffles with carrots in them and after going nuts about trying these i actually ike these, at the pub the other day i tried criss cross chips but didn’t like them and a burger which was actually good and had that again at the pub when we went out so there is hope for me yet lol.

Ive been do dancing now twice and i love it so look forward to going to that again and see where i go with it, dad even came with me and mum the second time which was good. Normally the last couple of weekends has involved me going to dance on a saturday and then head of to nanny and grandad owens to stay the night as mum and dad have work and then daddy has been picking me up on a sunday.

Dad has uploaded the last 3 months photos so thats all of 2017 done and dusted with now and he has a couple of videos that he needs to find and upload. Im getting really really excited about going to Disney land now and every time i see an advert on the TV i make sure everyone knows thats where im going.